Facility Nurse Aide & Caregiver Inservice Membership

This membership provides facilities with the required inservices designed to meet the federal requirements for long-term care and home health certified nursing assistant (CNA) staff development. Our inservice topics include the mandatory inservices required by regulatory agencies for corporate compliance education and training that is required for all employees. Quality assurance expectations are reflected in each inservice course, making quality of care a priority as well as meeting regulatory expectations.

Many caregivers find our course topics helpful to prepare as a caregiver in an in-home setting, boarding home, assisted living or residential care community.

With Pedagogy's facility memberships, you can choose the courses that suit your facility's needs, simply log into your Administrative account and click the Create Membership button inside your Admin Functions box. If you have not registered your organization with us, click here. Our highly experienced staff members can answer any questions you may have, simply email support@pedagogyeducation.com and one of our Support Team members will walk you through the next steps!

You can choose your list of courses to comprise 10 to 15 contact hours of education from the following list:


Contact Hours
Price Per Staff Member
10 - 15
 5 to 10 staff members
 11 to 20 staff members
 21 to 50 staff members
 50 to 200 staff members


Organizations interested in memberships must have at least 5 staff members. If less you require education for less than 5 or more than 200 staff members, please email us at support@pedagogyeducation.com!