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IV Education and Certification

After taking your courses will I be “IV certified”?

Each state Board of Nursing (BON) sets their own requirements for IV certifications and what is required to practice IV therapies within that state. IV certification is not a professional designation or title to be earned, but a statement that you have received the education required to perform IV therapy in your state. Most states require post licensure education, provided from an accredited organization.

You may see each BON and their requirements from our State Boards of Nursing resource.

How do I complete the hands on component of a course?

Skills checklists are provided at the end of each IV certification course in the Skill Checklists chapter. These check-off lists should be printed and each skill completed with a qualified preceptor, typically at the nurse’s place of employment. A qualified preceptor may be any nurse with a valid/active license that is qualified to perform and supervise these skills, such as a friend, family member, coworker, or even a nursing professor at a local college! Some state Boards of Nursing, however, may set specific requirements (such as New Hampshire, for example).

Need practice? Try out the Pedagogy Balloon-Hand method for practicing peripheral IV insertions!

Do LPN/LVNs need to renew or re-certify their IV certification?

Most Boards of Nursing simply state that nurses need to “stay current” on their IV education, but do not define what “current” means. Some states do, however, require IV "certified" nurses to complete IV-related contact hours each renewal period. You need to refer to your state Board of Nursing to determine if these requirements apply to you. We recommend that all nurses take a refresher course, such as our Peripheral and Central Venous Access Device Review, every 3 to 5 years to not only reinforce the knowledge you already have, but to also advise you of any updates in the Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice from the Infusion Nurses Society (INS). We updated all our infusion courses in 2021 when they released their new standards!

Do I have to be a nurse to perform IV therapy?

Anyone may take our online IV education courses to gain knowledge, however the successful completion of our course does not legally allow you to autonomously perform the IV related functions you have been taught. For unlicensed personnel or non-healthcare professionals seeking information on practicing IV therapy, click here

General CNE

Is the entire course online?

The entirety of course material and content (text, videos, links, etc.), as well as the final test are completed online. Skills check-off lists are provided at the end of each applicable course and are to be completed with a qualified preceptor at your place of employment.

How long does it take to complete a course?

Each course has a listed number of contact hours which corresponds to the time it is expected to take to thoroughly read course content, watch all videos, and answer review questions. However, courses may take more or less time depending on the person. We do not have a minimum time requirement per page, unless you are a Certified Nurse Aide in the state of California.

What constitutes successful completion of a course?

All participants must make at least an 80% on their test to obtain a Certificate of Completion. If you do not obtain an 80%, you are able to review all incorrect answers questions and reset the test to retake it. There is no charge for test resets, and there are no limits to how many times you can reset your test. For most courses, especially IV therapy courses, you will be presented with new questions for each test. A Certificate of Completion will not be issued until the test is passed.

Are there time limits for completing your course?

There are no time limits for course completion, and courses do not expire. Once you start your course, you may start and stop at anytime around your schedule.

Do I have access to the information contained within the course after completion?

Once you purchase and start a course you will always have access to the course content for reference. 

I lost my certificate of completion. Can I print a new one? 

Yes, you always have access to your certificates of completion. Navigate to the "My Classes" tab of the student dashboard and select the course from the "Completed Courses" list. Then choose "Print Certificate" on the available actions menu.

Can I print out the course to take notes on and study?

A Print Option is available during checkout for an additional fee. A PDF of the course material is provided for you to download and print, a printed copy will not be mailed to you. Only the content is printable; test questions and videos will not be accessible via the print option.

Does Pedagogy report course completions to the Board of Nursing?

Pedagogy does not report each course completion to your Board of Nursing. You should retain each certificate of completion and completed skills check-off list on file for the period determined by your state Board of Nursing for auditing purposes.

Please click here to read our accreditation statements and boards that we report to via CE Broker.

I am not a nurse. Can I receive continuing education credits for your course?

All kinds of healthcare professionals (even caregivers) may take our courses!  Each professional licensing board has their own requirements for continuing education and CE providers. Please consult with your board to make sure our courses meet your board's requirements prior to purchasing courses. Please note: Taking our courses does not grant legal authority to perform the skills taught for unlicensed personnel if it is not within your scope of practice and under the supervision of an Medical Doctor or Nurse Practitioner.

Can I take the course on my phone?

Our courses can be taken on any phone or tablet, simply log into your account like normal & take your course on the go! Please note that internet connection is required to take the course.

How do I find a job in healthcare?

You can explore job listings and career opportunities in the healthcare field on job search platforms such as Jooble!

CPR Certification 

Which regulatory authority approves CPR certification courses?

No regulatory authority provides a national endorsement or approval for education providers and CPR certification courses. Our courses follow the strict guidelines set by ECC/ILCOR and the American Heart Association.

How often should I recertify? 

Healthcare professionals are expected to recertify their BLS/CPR knowledge every 2 years to stay current with the standards of practice. Click the linked text to view our CPR for the Healthcare Professional and CPR for Nurses courses.

Ordering / Checkout Troubleshooting

Do I pay before taking the course(s) or after passing the test?

Payment is made before taking the course.

I am having an issue with my credit card purchase being declined. What can I do?

The most common reason a purchase is declined is due to a mismatch in card owner information provided during checkout. For example, a different name or billing address than what is on record with your credit card issuer. Organizations making large purchases by credit card may need to call the credit card issuer for approval. 

How do I get the receipt for my purchase?

A receipt is automatically sent to the email address provided at registration/checkout. Sometimes receipts end up in spam folders. If you are unable to locate your receipt, please reach out to with the details of your purchase.


Some of my staff members work for multiple organizations that use Pedagogy. Will they need to keep up with separate accounts?

Staff members may be added to multiple organizations using the same account. All organizations added to the account will be able to view courses assigned to that staff member, course progress, and test scores. Organization admins will not be able to remove or reassign courses not purchased by their organization. Each employer will determine which course(s) are needed to comply with their educational requirements. 

Can my staff access their courses from home or only at work?

Your staff may access courses on any computer or tablet with an internet connection. Please note that some external content, such as videos, may be blocked by your facility's firewall or security settings. 

I assigned courses to an employee who is now terminated. Can I reassign their courses to someone else?

Courses that have not been started may be re-assigned to another staff member.

How can my staff access their courses once they have been purchased and assigned?

Your staff will automatically be sent their log in credentials via email upon their account creation. Please ensure each staff member receives our Welcome Page with log in instructions!

I am having trouble navigating all of the admin functions available in the LMS. What do I do?

We have an Admin Guide for that! This PDF will walk you through all of the amenities available to facility administrators within our LMS.

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