Pedagogy Affiliate Program

Many of our partners and online friends have requested to use our course listings on their website. Our answer is always, "Of course you can!" With this widget, each time Pedagogy updates the course catalog, your site's widget is updated as well. The widgets are no cost to install and completely customizable to match your website’s style.

If you would like to join our affiliate program and earn commissions on each purchase made from your widget, please  contact us at  or give us a call at (903) 871-2150, to obtain your unique affiliate code or if you have questions!

Once you have your unique affiliate code, you can use the generator below to customize and obtain the scripts to place on your website. Use the controls below to select which widget you would like to use, select the widget type you would like to use, add your campaign/affiliate code, and set a color based off the default styles.

Widget Preview

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