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  • Main Campus

    The Pedagogy Main Campus is our entire collection of education and healthcare resources.

  • Acute Care Campus

    The Pedagogy Acute Care Campus contains online continuing education, CE, courses targeting hospital focused education.

  • Infusion Campus

    The Pedagogy Infusion Campus contains online continuing education, CE, courses targeting infusion, intravenous therapy, IV therapy and IV certification courses.

  • Inservice and Compliance Campus

    The Pedagogy Inservice & Compliance Campus contains educational inservices designed to meet the federal requirements for long term care, home health certified nursing assistants or CNA staff development.

  • Long Term Care and Home Health Campus

    The Pedagogy Long Term Care and Home Health Campus contains online continuing education, CE, courses targeting long term care and home health related education classes.

  • Administrators Campus

    The Pedagogy Administrators Campus features online continuing education accredited for LTC administrators, Residential Care administrators, and assisted living administrators.

  • Correctional Healthcare Campus

    The Pedagogy Correctional Healthcare Campus contains online continuing education, CE, courses targeting correctional healthcare related education classes.

The Pedagogy Campus Model

Pedagogy is more than just an online classroom, it is an online education experience! Pedagogy has created industry focused web sites creating our virtual Campuses. Each Campus provides incredible resources for continuing education for nurses, social media platforms (FaceBook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn), career placement assistance and tools to stay current in today's challenging workforce.

Each Campus is focused on particular topics; Infusion, Acute Care, Long Term Care and Home Health Care, and Inservice and Compliance Education.  Each Campus provides accredited online continuing education courses, health care resources, career services and job postings, and a student union area that combines all social media platforms, news, and blogs. Visit the Student Union to see all that it offers. 

Each Campus maintains high quality education standards, world-class authors, bundled education courses and membership plans. Not sure which campus is for you? No problem, pick one to be your home Campus and have access to the entire Pedagogy Campus network!

Campus Listing

Pedagogy has created industry focused education campus websites to better organize online education and information. There are multiple new features such as career services, social media links, newsletters, campus blogs and resources. Our NEW Membership plans provide complete course catalog access. Please explore all of the exciting new changes.

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