Healthcare collaboration

Co-Branded Education Partnerships

Many large corporations, pharmacies, and healthcare organizations would like to offer continuing education to their audience, members, or customers using an education portal/website that closely matches their own company website. Pedagogy has the capability of providing a branded website and co-branded Learning Management System. As courses are added to Pedagogy’s site, they will be added to the partner sites as well. Pedagogy owns and carries the accreditation for all courses and certificates will be co-branded.

The commission structure for branded partner websites are the same as for the Pedagogy website. After e-commerce fees are paid, a 10% sales commission is paid to the sales affiliate and a 50% author commission is paid to the author.

A one-time website development fee will be assessed prior to the creation of your branded partner website. Additionally, an annual fee for maintenance, upgrades, and web hosting will be assessed at the first of each year. This fee may not be pro-rated. All upgrades made to Pedagogy programs for our own website will be installed into partner sites as well.

For more information or to speak with our CEO about this opportunity, please call 903-871-2150 or email us at!

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