Newborn Twins Have Same Names as Their Nurses

One mom in Denver, Colorado encountered a sweet coincidence at the hospital after welcoming twins this month.

Lauren Meehan, a newly minted mother-of-three, received a surprising reaction when she told staff at the Rose Medical Center the names she had chosen for her newborn daughters. 

In a statement shared with TODAY by the Rose Medical Center, Meehan said that she had welcomed her first child at the location two years earlier.

“This time around, we had another surprise when we found out we were having twin girls,” Meehan said. Just as during her first pregnancy, she sought care at the Rose Medical Center.

Earlier in October, Meehan's twins "decided to make an early and quick arrival in the middle of the night," the mom told TODAY through the hospital, explaining that because she was having two babies, the birth took place in an operating room.

Lauren Meehan welcomed twins Emma and Julia in early October 2022.

“While I knew why everyone had to move quickly, I always had a nurse by my side explaining everything and holding my hand," Meehan said.

Meehan said that all of the nurses tending to her took turns to be with her, acknowledging that they understood what an overwhelming experience she was going through. To keep the conversation going, the team asked Meehan if she had any names in mind for her daughters.

"We told the room that we loved the names Emma and Julia," Meehan said. "The room all broke out in laughter as the two nurses that would be taking care of my babies were both named Emma and Julia!"

Nurse Emma showing off her badge next to baby Emma.

“At that moment, in all the chaos, we were able to stop for a second and enjoy that moment knowing that those names were meant to be,” she continued.

Meehan ended her statement to TODAY with a touching sentiment about the two nurses, one of whom posed with the baby named after her to commemorate the fun coincidence.

"Those two nurses will always be special to us and the entire team that took care of us that day will hold a special place in our hearts," Meehan said. "It will be a funny story to tell our girls!"

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