FDA Approves AI Diagnostic Tool for Early Sepsis Detection

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a medical device named the Sepsis ImmunoScore, which is an artificial intelligence/machine learning software, to guide rapid diagnosis and prediction of sepsis. The authorization was granted through the FDA's De Novo pathway.

Sepsis is a complex condition, so diagnosing it early is difficult and has been a decades-long challenge for the U.S. healthcare system.

Using both biomarkers and clinical data with the assistance of AI, the Sepsis ImmunoScore helps assess the risk for the presence of or progression to sepsis within 24 hours of patient evaluation in the emergency department or hospital. By considering 22 diverse parameters, the AI-powered tool provides a comprehensive evaluation of the patient's biological condition, resulting in a risk score and categorization into four distinct risk levels.

It's important to note that this system is not an alert mechanism. These risk categories are correlated with the risk for patient deterioration, including length of hospital stay, in-hospital mortality, and the need for escalated care within 24 hours (such as intensive care unit admission, mechanical ventilation, or vasopressor use). The diagnostic software is integrated directly into hospital electronic medical records.

This is the first AI diagnostic tool for sepsis to receive marketing authorization from the FDA.

Original article from Medscape.com.


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