Scrub The HUB

Healthcare providers should be aware that the catheter hub is a known source for the development of catheter related blood stream infections and that needleless connectors are recognized as sources for microbial contamination.  The CDC uses specific wording on their recommendations to "scrub" rather than "wipe" the hubs on intravenous (IV) catheter ports with alcohol or chlorhexadine before accessing. The needleless connector or port should be consistently and thoroughly disinfected performing a minimum 15 second scrub and always accessed with a sterile device.  This poster is a great reminder to staff to scrub the hub on IV injection port prior to accessing the line to administer medications, fluids, flushes or blood draws.


YOU can prevent catheter related blood stream infections.

Studies have shown the use of a friction scrub for 15 seconds
to the needleless I.V. connector with alcohol alone or
chlorhexidine/alcohol solutions is effective in disinfecting
the needleless I.V. connector surface.

Clean injection ports before each use
S.A.S.H. requires cleaning the HUB - 4 times

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