How to Time Tape an IV

The use of time taping an IV helps ensure that an IV solution is being infused at the prescribed rate. It also helps facilitate calculation of fluid intake.

To time tape an IV you may make your own time tape with adhesive tape or use pre-made labels:

  • Place a strip of adhesive tape along the fluid level marking lines.
  • At the top of the strip - label the time the bag of fluid was started.
  • Knowing the hourly infusion rate - mark each hour on the tape that corresponds with the level of fluid marks on the IV bag.
  • At the bottom of the strip - mark the time at which the solution will be completely infused.

INK ALERT: Never write directly on an IV solution container with a felt tip type marker; the ink may leach into the solution.

The following illustration demonstrates a bag to be initiated at 9am. Calculating IV infusion rate determines that the rate is 100mls per hour. The liter of fluid to infuse at 100mls per hour should be complete in 10 hours, or 7pm.

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