Workplace Bullying Quiz

You have the right to be treated with respect and dignity in the workplace. Sometimes it is difficult to determine if you are being bullied at work. This short quiz includes a sample of issues you may be experiencing. If you answered ‘often’ or 'sometimes’ to some of the items on the quiz, you are probably the target of a workplace bully. Bullying can affect all aspects of your life as well as the safety of your clients.  With education and practice, you can to learn how to successfully deal with bullying.
Do you feel physically sick at the thought of going to work?      
Have you witnessed gestures (such as eye rolling or raising of eyebrows) from co-workers or managers in response to something you said?      
Have co-workers denied your request for assistance?      
Have you been addressed by a nickname even though you asked that it stop?      
Are your suggestions met with rude or snide remarks?      
Have you been excluded from social events such as restaurant lunches or staff parties?      
Are trivial incidents reported to your manager while more serious incidents of co-workers go unreported?      
Have you been denied a request for time off without cause?      
Have you been belittled or yelled at in front of co-workers or clients?      
Have you been singled out unfairly for issues such as sick time use?      

Donna Krasowski MN, BScN, RN