Holmes & Rahe Non-Adult Stress Scale

Adults and children alike experience stress in everyday life. Commitments to school, family life, peer pressures, and difficulties in personal relationships are all important sources of stress. As the definition implies, stress upsets the normal equilibrium or balance in one's life. To measure stress according to the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, a modified scale has also been developed for non-adults. Similar to the adult scale, stress points for life events in the past year are added and compared to the rough estimate of how stress affects health.
Death of parent 100  
Unplanned pregnancy/abortion 100  
Getting married 95  
Divorce of parents 90  
Acquiring a visible deformity 80  
Fathering a child 70  
Jail sentence of parent for over a year 70  
Marital separation of parents 69  
Death of a brother or sister 68  
Change in acceptance by peers 67  
Unplanned pregnancy of sister 64  
Discovery of being an adopted child 63  
Marriage of parent to stepparent 63  
Having a visible congenital deformity 62  
Serious illness requiring hospitalization 58  
Failure of a grade in school 56  
Not making an extracurricular activity 55  
Hospitalization of parent 55  
Jail sentence of parent for over 30 days 53  
Breaking up with boyfriend or girlfriend 53  
Beginning to date 51  
Suspension from school 50  
Becoming involved with drugs/alcohol 50  
Birth of a brother or sister 50  
Increase in arguments between parents 47  
Loss of job by parent 46  
Outstanding personal achievement 46  
Change in parent's financial status 45  
Accepted at college of choice 43  
Being a senior in high school 42  
Hospitalization of a sibling 41  
Increased absence of parent from home 38  
Brother or sister leaving home 37  
Addition of third adult to family 34  
Becoming a full member of a church 31  
Decrease in arguments between parents 26  
Mother or father beginning work 26  

Score of 300+: At risk of illness.
Score of 150-299+: Risk of illness is moderate (reduced by 30% from the above risk).
Score of 150 or below: Only have a slight risk of illness.

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