Essential Oils for Health

Essential Oils have many different qualities and properties that are helpful for supporting health and overall wellness. The Essential Oils for Health poster shows several of the most popular essential oils, their recommended applications, medical properties, cautions to be considered in their use, scent description, and generally accepted uses. 

Essential Oils for Health

Oil Apply Property Caution Scent Uses
Lemon TN, TD, D AD, AS, AO SS, SL Citrus Detox, cleansing, kidneys, liver, gallbladder, uplifting, cleaning
Lavender TN, TD, D, O AI, AB, AD   Mint Calming, stress, anxiety, burns, minor cuts, itching, bruising
Peppermint TD, D, O AS, AI PR, HBP, CS Mint Mood lifting, focus, concentration, stomach issues, fever, hormone balance, hot flashes
Tea Tree TN, TD, D AF, AI CS Shrubs, trees Many skin problems, rashes, eczema, acne, topical fungal infections
Oregano TD, D AI, AB, AV SS Herbal Respiratory infections, immune system support, reduce inflammation, warming, warts
Rosemary TN, O AG, AI, AO PR, HBP, SZ Mint Memory, addictions, adrenal fatigue, infections
Clove TD, O AB, AG, AI SS, CS Shrubs, trees Oral care, toothaches, drawing ability, quit smoking
Eucalyptus TN, TD, D, I AB, AV, AI IA Shrubs, trees Cold, cough, bronchitis, respiratory infection or virus, sinus infection and congestion
Orange TN, I, D AD, AS SL 12 Hours Citrus Uplifting, increases alertness, calms, cleaning, anxiety, palpitations
Patchouli TN, I, D AI, AD, AS   Mint Grounding, settles if scattered, diuretic, anxiety, allergies
Clary Sage TN, I, D AD, AS PR, B Mint Emotional stress, hormonal imbalances, balancing in general
Frankincense TN, I, D AI, AB, AS, AD   Resinous Trees, Shrubs Nervous system, irritability, concentration, depression, cancer, Asthma, headaches, high blood pressure, aging, wounds
Melissa TN, I, O AD, I, AV   Mint Calming, uplifting, skin problems, nervous disorders, anxiety, Asthma, colds, fever, high blood pressure, insomnia
Helichrysum TN, I, D, O AB, AO, AV   Compositae Abscesses, Earache, Bruises, dermatitis, stoke, sunscreen, viral infections
Chamomile TD, I, D, O AD, AI, AS SS Compositae Nervous system, calming, hyperactivity, muscle spasms, rashes
Ylang Ylang TN, I, D AS, AD CS Tropical Trees Calming, exhaustion, fear, hormonal imbalance, infections
Lemongrass TN, TD, D, I ASP, AB, AI SS Grass Carpal tunnel, cramps, bladder infection, kidney stones, MD, sprains, whiplash, mental fatigue, Graves disease
Ginger TN, I, O AS, ASP CS, C Herbal Gas, bloating, indigestion, morning sickness, nausea, RA, angina, infection airborne disease
White Fir TN, O AS, AG SS Conifer Cartilage inflammations, sinusitis, muscle pain, sprains, bronchitis
Rose TN, I, D AI, AB, AD, I PR Rosaceae Poison ivy or oak, elevates mood, digestive problems, PMS, headaches, skin disorders
Applications Properties Cautions
TN - Topical Neat AB - Antibacterial AS - Antiseptic PR - Pregnancy IA - If Allergic
TD - Topical Diluted AI - Anti-Inflammatory AD - Anti-Depressant SZ - Seizures  
D - Diffuse AV - Antiviral I -Invigorating SS - Sensitive Skin  
O - Oral if stated safe for oral use on package AF - Antifungal ASP - Antispasmodic CS - Contact Sensitivity  
I - Inhale, Not intended for children under 6 AO - Antioxidant AG - Analgesic HBP - High Blood Pressure  

Source/Copyright: Plantingseeds 2016/JMO

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