Elder Abuse Prevention and Reporting - Online Inservice - DEMO



For many of the Pedagogy courses, we have compiled a short demonstration course like this one.

Please review chapters 1 and 2 in the Chapter Listing to the left. The demonstration is broken up into 2 chapters, Navigation and Preview.


This chapter will guide you through the key navigation components that are built into all of the Pedagogy courses. Knowing the functions of these features will allow you to easily take our courses and get the most out of your online education experience.

The review questions at the end of these chapters are representative of how course review and exam questions will appear in the purchased course.


This chapter will provide the first 2 chapters of the course Elder Abuse Prevention and Reporting - Online Inservice. Please remember this is NOT the full course and will not provide contact hours! To take the course in its entirety, you may click on the linked text and purchase the course.

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