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Upgrade Policy

Pedagogy makes every effort to protect your investment in education and reward our students in every way possible. Our Upgrade Guarantee is designed to ensure you have access to the most current and up to date online training at all times and are not penalized for educating yourself.
You only have to pay full price for a class one time! As long as you remain current in each class and take each new release of that class before it becomes out-dated, you will get a discount with each upgrade.

If you purchase education through Pedagogy, you will have the ability to upgrade to the next version of that class at huge savings! As a reward for your participation, you will get an 80% discount on the purchase of the next version of a class you have already purchased. PLUS, if you purchase a class and it is upgraded within 30 days of your purchase date, your get the new version absolutely FREE.

So as long as you take each class in sequence, you will continue to receive the 80% discount on that class as long as you are current!


Reasons Why We Upgrade a Class

There are a number of reasons that a class is reviewed and a new version is released. Our accreditation requires that we keep our courseware current and up to date with today’s ever changing standards, techniques and issues. Here are just a few things that typically trigger a change in the course:
  • Updated Content
  • Additional Content
  • Changes to Accreditation
  • Standards Updates
  • Changes to the Contact Hours
  • Accreditation renewal
To be clear, as an example:
If you buy version 1 of “Basics of IV Therapy”, when version 2 comes out, you get 80% OFF! (Don’t wait for version 3 though, because that will forfeit your discount!)
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