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Support Policy

Our systems are provided via the internet. Pedagogy cannot control every aspect of your connectivity to our web server and therefore cannot support every situation that may arise. We will make every effort to help, but acknowledging that some things are not in our control is important.

Our Contact Us page lists hours of operation for customer support. The Contact Us page should be your first stop when requesting support to ensure prompt service.

Our software has been tested on the four (4) mainstream internet browsers (IE, FireFox, Safari and Chrome). These browsers are used by the greatest cross-section of the internet. Each browser and each version of that browser MAY display slightly different than another, but the functionality of the Pedagogy site and courses should be maintained across all platforms. We have tested tablet (iPad, Galaxy tab) display and course functionality and do support tablet based access.

If you find something that does not work, we will make every effort to correct that defect or situation in a timely manner.

Our IT support staff is dedicated to helping you understand the mechanics of Pedagogy, but are NOT medical professionals.

We do NOT provide legal or medical advice.


We offer support contracts for your business environment that cover many areas of IT needs. This support is provided via our hosting service www.quipsites.com. Specific questions about your IT support needs may be addressed. Please visit www.quipsites.com or e-mail patrick@quipsites.com for more details.

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