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I Am A Nurse: Color Me Exceptional!

I am Donna Maheady, EdD, ARNP, founder of www.ExceptionalNurse.com, the nonprofit resource committed to inclusion of people with disabilities in nursing. We facilitate inclusion of students with disabilities in nursing education programs and foster resilience and continued practice for nurses who are, or become, disabled. We celebrate abilities, share resources and examples of nurses with disabilities who work with and without accommodations.

For adults and children, this coloring book is a celebration of abilities! Twenty-three nurses are illustrated working in a wide variety of healthcare settings. All of the nurses have visible or invisible disabilities. The nurses (names have been changed) represent real-life nurses in a variety of practice settings. The nurses are members of support groups connected to the non-profit resource network, www.ExceptionalNurse.com. We hope to inspire future nurses with and without disabilities and encourage nurses who become disabled to continue to practice. A career in nursing is filled with endless possibilities. Proceeds of the coloring book sales support a scholarship program for nursing students with disabilities.

Please enjoy coloring these Exceptional Nurses!



Color Me Exceptional
Posted: 8/12/2019 4:19:11 PM
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