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Little Nurse That Could - Inspiring Quotes from Working RNs

Along with the many challenges RNs face come immeasurably more benefits. Each month, we check in with nurses to see what drives and inspires them to compassionately care for their clients. After all, RNs deserve to be recognized and celebrated for their hard work and selfless patient devotion.

In honor of Spring, and for this April’s edition, we asked three Labor and Delivery RNs to share what they love about their job as they help to bring new life into the world. Here are their words of inspiration:


“I absolutely love the level of autonomy that I have in my L&D nursing practice. Because the OB docs are usually very busy with their private practices, they depend on nurses like myself to closely monitor and prepare the patients for a healthy delivery. Even after working in the ICU for a few years, I’ve never felt like I’ve had this much control over the delivery of patient care, and I couldn’t be happier as a nurse in the labor and delivery department!” —Labor and Delivery RN of 6 years


“What do I love about my job? BABIES! I just adore those cute little butts and those squished faces. The sound of a crying baby after a delivery is one of the sweetest sounds new parents could ever hear, and every time I help deliver a healthy baby, I am reminded of when I had my first child. There’s nothing that brings me more satisfaction as a nurse than helping to bring new life into the world, and introducing a newborn to its mother and father.” —Labor and Delivery RN of 14 years


“What’s not to love about my job? I get to bare witness to the miracle of human life and share one of the happiest and scariest moments of my patient’s lives. The education that I provide impacts an entire family, and the nursing care that I provide brings relief to exhausted mothers and an anxious fathers. I am so blessed to be able to help bring new life into this world. I have worked in many areas of patient care over the years, and labor and delivery has been my favorite by far!” —Labor and Delivery RN of 10 years

Best Wishes!


This Guest Blog article originally appeared on TheNurseSpeak.com and Kaplan Test Prep's Calling All Nurses.

Damion Jenkins RN, MSN is the founder and CEO of The Nurse Speak, LLC. - a nurse education and consultation services company and blog. He specializes in creating individualized tutoring plans that helps his students develop test taking strategies for success. He also offers consulting services for healthcare facilities desiring expert knowledge and understanding of professional growth and staff development principles, customer service and patient satisfaction strategies, improving nursing staff retention and job satisfaction, and workplace conflict resolution skills. His blog offers helpful tips, strategies, and discussion to enhance the nursing profession. Damion is also an adjunct professor for a local community college in the Baltimore City area, and teaches a variety of healthcare courses including: Nursing, Certified Nurse Assistant, Geriatric Nurse Assistant, Certified Patient Care Technician, IV Therapy, Phlebotomy, Certified Medicine Aide, and Nurse Refresher. With more than 20 years of customer service and leadership experience, Damion offers many resources and strategies for success that have been shown to improve the delivery of nursing care excellence. He has helped a variety of healthcare facilities create and maintain patient satisfaction committees resulting in improving survey scores and increased reimbursements, and he is often sought out to provide expert advice on how to positively impact workplace culture and job satisfaction among nursing staff.

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Posted: 6/1/2017 4:39:42 PM
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