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HTRSD is a provider of continuing education training focused on human trafficking and other social disparities for health care providers, as well as courses that address nurses' health and well-being and under-served topics in advanced critical care.

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All states (with the exception of Hawaii) recognize our courses for accredited continuing nursing education, CNE, contact hours.
This course is accredited by the following boards:
Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider # CEP 15467.
Provider approved by the Arkansas, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia , South Carolina, West Virginia and New Mexico through CE Broker, CE Provider #: 50-13256.
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Sex Trafficking Awareness for the Healthcare Professional

Contact Hours: 3
Cost: $30.00
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Sex Trafficking Awareness for the Healthcare Professional

This course was developed by the HTRSD.org,  Human Trafficking Response Program to help nursing professionals identify potential victims of sex trafficking in a clinical setting and how to properly treat these patients and report related criminal activity to law enforcement officials.

This course is presented by three experts in human and sex trafficking:

  • former FBI special agent and President of Human Trafficking Investigations and Training Institute (HTITI), Greg Bristol
  • pediatric nurse practitioner, Dr. Jessica Peck 
  • sex trafficking survivor and expert, K.D. Roche


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Recall the history and statistics of sex trafficking in the US
  • Explain the important role nursing professionals play in identifying sex trafficking victims
  • State the impact of sex trafficking on victims
  • Discuss the criminal implications of sex trafficking
  • Recognize common victims
  • Identify signs of sex trafficking in victims
  • Interpret the major components of the US Strategic Action Plan to fight human trafficking
  • Summarize a nurses’ unique role in helping victims and stopping sex trafficking in the US



Chapter 1: Introduction – Overview of Sex Trafficking in America

History of Human Trafficking
Statistics on Sex Trafficking
Importance of Nursing Professionals in Identifying Possible Victims

Chapter 2: The Patients Perspective

A Survivor’s Story
The “Grooming” Process
Recognizing Signs of Sex Trafficking
Aiding Trafficking Victims

Chapter 3: Sex Trafficking and the Role of Law Enforcement

Defining the Crime of Human Trafficking
The Stages of Human Trafficking
Defining who the Victims of Human Trafficking are in the US
Overview of the role of governments m the fight against human trafficking
The US strategic Plan to Fight Human Trafficking
Other Examples of Human Trafficking Victims Meeting Healthcare Practitioners
The Role Healthcare Practitioners Play
Red Flags of Human Trafficking

Chapter 4: Applications for the Care Provider

Signs of Sex Trafficking
Communicating with Suspected Victims of Human Trafficking

Chapter 5: The Nurse’s Perspective

Identifying the Characteristics of Sex Trafficking in a Clinical Setting
The Patient’s Mindset
Red Flags of Trafficking for Nurses to Recognize
The T.I.C. (Trauma Informed Care) Approach
Best Practices
Questions to Ask
If the Patient isn’t Ready to Accept Help
Next Steps

Chapter 6: References

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