Respiratory Assessment in the Elderly

Many changes have occurred within the Long-Term Care setting. Nurses are now providing care to higher acuity residents, with many of the residents requiring thorough and accurate respiratory assessment as well as the provision of respiratory treatments. Being familiar with all aspects of respiratory therapy has become essential to nurses in the skilled nursing, long term care and post-acute care settings. The elderly patient frequently presents unique and subtle symptoms of respiratory disease and often those within this age group have a higher incidence of respiratory dysfunction and disease.

​This respiratory online course will provide an overview of the general changes in the respiratory system frequently seen with the elderly as well as an overview of commonly encountered respiratory diseases.

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Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  1. Discuss changes in pulmonary function seen with the aging process.
  2. Identify key factors associated with patients experiencing infective processes.
  3. Discuss various elements regarding smoking cessation including hands-on resources.
  4. List physiologic changes that occur throughout the spectrum of COPD.


Chapter 1: Overview and General Changes

Chapter 2: Atelectasis & Pneumonia

Chapter 3: COPD

Chapter 4: Asthma

Chapter 5: Lung Cancer

Chapter 6: Smoking Cessation

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Contact Hour: 1

Course Author

Carol Knauff

Carol Knauff, MSN, RN, CCRN is a Registered since 1978. Carol is currently the Patient Care Manager for St. Luke’s Endoscopy Center- Buxmont in Sellersville PA.  Areas of expertise include: critical care, gastroenterology, diabetes care and gerontology nursing. She is active in bedside nursing, administrative and education roles. She has been active faculty for multiple universities and private nursing education companies.

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