Legal Aspects of Nursing

This introductory course is designed to outline the legal principles of nursing practice. The primary aim is to provide the learner the foundational knowledge of pertinent legal concepts commonly seen in the health care sector and an understanding of their clinical practice implications.

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Upon completion of this course the participant will be able to:

  1. Discuss the different types of law and their application to clinical nursing practice.
  2. Recall select rules and regulations affecting clinical nursing practice.
  3. Identify the elements of malpractice.
  4. Differentiate the scope of practice from the standard of care.
  5. Identify protective documentation practices.
  6. Outline the litigation process.


Chapter 1: Introduction Legal Aspects of Nursing

  • An Overview of the Law
  • Summary

Chapter 2: Laws Affecting Nursing Practice

  • Quasi-Intentional Torts
  • Intentional Torts
  • Unintentional Torts
  • Elements of Mal-Practice
  • Consent
  • Patient Self Determination Act
  • Summary

Chapter 3: Scope of Practice & Standard of Care

  • Scope of Practice
  • Standards of Care
  • Ethical Issues
  • Summary

Chapter 4: Documentation

  • Clarity and Timeless
  • Brevity and Completeness
  • Terminology
  • Accuracy and Corrections
  • Documentation Pitfalls
  • Security and Privacy
  • Summary

Chapter 5: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and Protected Health Information

  • Parental Access
  • Sharing Patient Information
  • Other Permitted Disclosures
  • Disclosures Involving Law Enforcement Personnel
  • Using an Interpreter
  • Pediatric Patients
  • Summary

Chapter 6: The Litigation Process

  • Anatomy of a Lawsuit
  • Understanding the Discovery Process
  • Testifying
  • Summary

Chapter 7: Malpractice and Liability Insurance

  • Malpractice and Liability Insurance
  • Summary
  • Case Review #1
  • Case Review #2
  • Case Review #3
  • Case Review #4
  • Case Review #5
  • Case Review #6 

Chapter 8: Conclusion

  • California Bill 241
  • Implicit Bias in Healthcare
  • What is Implicit Bias?
  • Implications of Implicit Bias in Healthcare
  • How to Reduce Implicit Bias
  • References
  • About the Author

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Contact Hours: 2

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