IV Skill Competency Validation with PICC Infusion Care Company LLC

Pricing for the online course and in-person skill check-offs are to be determined by PICC, please see contact information below. 
In partnership with PICC Infusion Care Company LLC (PICC), Pedagogy is now able to offer the hands on experience and skill validation in person at your facility, hospital, doctors office, clinic any healthcare organization that requires their staff to have IV education/certification for the states listed below.

PICC Infusion Care Company is a full-service infusion company providing mobile and in-house vascular services. With services ranging from inserting peripheral IV's, Midlines, PICC lines and IJs. PICCs educational team has a combined total of nearly 80 years in vascular access training and insertion.

How Our Blended Education Works:

  • Contact PICC to purchase the corresponding IV education course for your facility; set a deadline for all your staff to have completed the online learning portion by a set a date.
  • PICC will schedule your skills check-off for a time after the completed online learning date.
  • One of PICC’s infusion/Vascular Access Specialist experts will review and evaluate the online course learning and perform the skill competency evaluations with each of your staff members on-site.

To inquire about additional details and available skill testing dates, contact PICC Team at business@picc.team or 615-986-8816. When emailing or calling they will need your facility name and address, along with the total number of staff members that will need education & skills verification.

Bulk pricing for the course and skill testing will be determined by PICC Infusion Care Company upon inquiry.

States Available For:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Kentucky
  • Tennessee

Price To Be Determined.

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Course Author

Capra Garrison

Capra Garrison, Registered Nurse, has more than 33 years of experience in infusion therapy and the instruction of licensed nurses in infusion therapy continuing education. Her experience comes from multiple infusion settings: acute care, ambulatory infusion centers, home infusion, long term care continuing education provider, and long term care pharmacy quality assurance consultant.

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