Healthcare Law

This online continuing education course provides nurses and other medical professionals with the confidence needed to prepare for that first negligence case. The material in this course provides the learner with pertinent information specific to nurses and the healthcare law of negligence. If you are a registered nurse or medical professional and searching for a way to monetize your knowledge, this is the course for you.

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Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Define healthcare law and standards of care.
  2. Examine the role of the independent nurse consultant in a negligence case.
  3. Identify the four elements of negligence.
  4. Describe how to create a fee schedule.
  5. Describe how to create a work agreement.
  6. Evaluate marketing tools and techniques.
  7. List the steps on how to organize medical records.
  8. Describe how to analyze medical records.
  9. List an example on how to develop nurse consultant written work product.
  10. Describe how to create an invoice for payment.


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Healthcare Law

  • Negligence

Chapter 3: The Role of the Independent Nurse Consultant

  • Organize and Review Medical Records
  • Summarize and Analyze Medical Records
  • Render an Informed Opinion of the Medical Record

Chapter 4: Creating a Fee Schedule

  • Hourly Fee-for-services
  • Value-Based-Rates
  • Retainer

Chapter 5: Creating a Contract

  • Negotiating an Agreement

Chapter 6: Best Practices in Marketing

  • Building Client Relationships

Chapter 7: Meeting a Potential Client

  • Creating a Win-Win Situation

Chapter 8: Medical Records Received

  • Identify Relevant Medical Records

Chapter 9: Medical Record Analysis

  • Examine and Summarize Medical Records

Chapter 10: The Written Report

  • Render an Informed Decision

Chapter 11: Submit the Invoice for Payment

Chapter 12: Conclusion

  • California Bill 241
  • Implicit Bias in Healthcare
  • What is Implicit Bias?
  • Implications of Implicit Bias in Healthcare
  • How to Reduce Implicit Bias

Price: $10.00

Contact Hour: 1

Course Author

Renalda Carter

Professor Renalda T. Carter, MSN, RN is the Founder and Senior Consultant for RTC Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC. 

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