Healthcare Ethics in the Workplace

This course is designed to expose participants to a variety of ethical issues and decisions that commonly occur in the workplace. In order to understand and appreciate the complexities involved in healthcare ethics and ethical decision making, this course will explore systematic strategies designed to assist healthcare professionals with ethical decision making. 

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Upon completion of this course, participants will;

  1. Define ethics and be familiar with the international nursing code of ethics.
  2.  Assess ethical frameworks and principles used to make ethical decisions.
  3. Analyze a systematic model used to make ethical decisions.
  4. Develop an understanding of ethical dilemmas.
  5. Understand ethics and apply ethical guidelines, frameworks, principles and systematic models to solve ethical dilemmas.


Chapter 1:  Defining Ethics
  • The Professional Code of Ethics

Chapter 2:  Ethical Frameworks

  • Utilitarianism Framework 
  • Duty-based Framework 
  • Rights-based Framework
  • Intuitionist Framework 

Chapter 3:  Ethical Principles and Theories 

  • Teleological Principle 
  • Deontological Principle 
  • Beneficence Principle 
  • Nonmaleficence Principle 
  • Autonomy Principle
  • Paternalism 
  • Justice  Principle

Chapter 4:  Using a Systematic Model to Make Ethical Decisions

Chapter 5:  Solving Ethical Dilemmas

  • California Bill 241
  • Implicit Bias in Healthcare
  • What is Implicit Bias?
  • Implications of Implicit Bias in Healthcare
  • How to Reduce Implicit Bias

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Contact Hour: 1

Course Author

Renalda Carter

Professor Renalda T. Carter, MSN, RN is the Founder and Senior Consultant for RTC Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC. 

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