Jill O'Hara, RN, CHHP, RMT

Jill O’Hara, RN, CHHP, RMT, is a Registered Nurse by profession, with 30+ years of experience. She has experienced both the strengths and weaknesses of Western Medicine. She is a Reiki Master Teacher (RMT), as well as a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, with areas of focus including Energy Healing, Life Coaching and the Essential Oil Therapies. Over the past 13 years Jill has worked in the Western New York community as a Holistic Health Consultant serving all age groups. Her business, Nurse Mom provides consulting as well as healing therapies to assist people in reaching their optimal state of wellness. Currently Jill has a private practice and works with clients via distance as well. As a speaker and author Jill shares her knowledge in an engaging manner to educate and inspire others. As the coordinator for the Annual Holistic Health Expo in Buffalo, New York she shares her passion by creating awareness.

Jill may be reached at nursemomjmm@yahoo.com

Jill has authored a book How Shall I Heal; a memoir of a nurse blended with a subtle look into the inner workings of the emotional and energetic connection to illness. This is a passageway into the depths of the human spirit, revealing raw emotions that surface both in the patient and the healer.

Areas of Expertise

  • Holistic Healing
  • Wellness

Professional Associations

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