Pedagogy is always looking for qualified authors to join our team and look for timely relevant education courses for practicing nurses and other health care professionals. Prospective authors should be able to demonstrate expertise in subject matter. This is demonstrated through education, experience or both.

Pedagogy seeks authors that have a passion for teaching with a desire to impart their knowledge and experience to everyone that takes their course. It is the authors inspiration delivered through a variety of online teaching methods that creates enthusiasm in the people who have an interest in your topic.

Benefits of being a Pedagogy author: 

  1. Pedagogy offers the highest commissions on your published course!
  2. Our sales team will market to your targeted audience through the use of of website ads, weekly email newsletters, social media, and affiliate programs.
  3. Pedagogy completes the necessary steps of accreditation through state licensing boards and professional organizations
  4. Pedagogy provides course participants with downloadable & printable certificates of completion.

It is the goal of Pedagogy Inc. to offer the most current course content, at the highest possible quality, using a variety of education methods and strategies. Through continuing education and self-directed professional growth, health care providers are better prepared to deliver quality care to their patients. It is our commitment to offer the best to our health care providers; if you share our philosophy please email us at!