Learning Management System

PharMerica University’s Learning Management System (LMS) is a free indispensable resource that equips organization administrators with the tools necessary to efficiently manage and monitor your staff members’ education.

Initial setup is completed by the PharMerica team, including the creation of account credentials for designated organization administrators and staff members. After the initial setup, designated administrators will have access to the administrative dashboard. Within the administrative dashboard, you have the power to: 

  • Designate new organization administrators
  • Assign, remove, and reassign* courses to staff members
  • Mass print or save certificates of completion
  • View educational progress of staff members
  • Set up monthly education progress reports for your organization

*Any course that has not been started may be reassigned to another staff member.

Getting Started

With the support of the PharMerica team, initial setup of your organization is hassle-free! When you are ready to set up your organization in our Learning Management System (LMS),  send us an email at dl-ivnurses@pharmerica.com with the following information:

  • Facility name & address
  • Any administrative user(s) name(s), email(s), and phone number(s)
  • Student/Staff member’s names and email addresses (Please verify spelling!)
  • Name of the desired courses, packages, or memberships

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