How Online IV Certification Works

Each state Board of Nursing has their own requirements for IV education and certification, which often makes the process confusing and frustrating. Let us make things simple by breaking the process down into the three easy steps! Whether you are interested for yourself, managing a team of healthcare professionals, or managing several facilities, PharMerica University has the solutions needed to accomplish your educational goals. 

1.  Know what you need

Start by finding your state requirements using our State Boards of Nursing guide. For organizations: Once you have determined the appropriate courses to take, consider how many nurses need IV certification or a refresher course. Bulk discounts are available for orders of 10+ courses/packages! 

2.  Pass the course

Nurses may take our courses online 24/7 as their schedule permits. Each nurse will receive an individualized certificate upon successful completion of the course content and examination. Participants must make 80% on the test to pass, if unsuccessful, they may reset the test at no charge. New NCLEX-style test questions will be presented upon each test reset.  Facilities are granted free access to our Learning Management System to help manage the progress of all nurses in one convenient dashboard.

3. Complete skills checklists

Skills checklists are provided at the end of each IV certification course. These checklists should be printed out and each skill completed with a qualified preceptor. This is typically completed at the nurse’s place of employment. A qualified preceptor is any nurse qualified to perform and supervise these skills, such as an RN or certified LVN/LPN. However, some BONs may specify who a qualified preceptor may be. Keep completed skills checklists on-file along with the course certificates of completion for auditing purposes. You may also view our PharMerica skills checklists within the Resource Library.

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