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Pedagogy offers nationally accredited online continuing education (CEU/CNE) courses and inservices for nurses, certified nursing assistants, CNA's, and other healthcare professionals. We provide you many options of course purchases to suit your budget and continuing education needs.

Browse the Class Catalog to see all of our course descriptions and curriculum by subject category, courses may be purchased individually here. 

We offer continuing nurse education packages of related courses  and some of our most popular courses bundled together at a 10% discount, see our Packages section for details. 

Need even more continuing education contact hours? Our Individual Annual CE Membership offers access to over 50 hours of accredited CNE for a one-time annual price.

Need a focus on Infusion Courses? Our Individual Infusion and Vascular Access Membership offers over 40 hours of Infusion and Vascular Access CNE courses for a year for a one-time annual price.

Chose as many courses, packages, or memberships as you would like and add them to your shopping cart. Once you finish checking out and pay for your courses, they will be added to your dashboard immediately.

Start by taking the course "How to Take Your Online Course" to learn how to complete your courses and answer any questions you have about the dashboard. 

Interested in purchasing courses for your entire facility at a discounted rate? Visit our Facility Membership Information Page to learn more about our Facility memberships or contact us at sales@pedagogy-inc.com to let us know a bit more about your facility's education needs. 
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